Concrete What?


Design. Build. Race.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Campaign Concrete Canoe Team is a multi-disciplinary design team completely managed by students. Both undergraduates and graduates from the College of Engineering and others form the active Team.

What we focus on is making a canoe out of concrete (similar to the stuff used in pavements) and eventually racing the final product in regional and national competitions. It is a great way to apply knowledge gained from the class and it is one of the most respected student competition in Engineering.

New members from all disciplines are always welcome and one does not need to have any prior background knowledge on the subject.

The Sub Teams

Concrete Canoe is has four sub-teams that work together to finish the product on time. All members can participate in as many of these sub teams as desired.

Construction Team

Construction team focuses on ways of efficiently building the canoe and also constructing the various items that are used for the overall display. These items include stands, shelves, and costumes. They also use various tools and equipment to get the job so although one doesn't have to be experienced, safety is always a priority.

Mix/Materials Team

Most commonly known as "Mix Design Team", this team focuses on perfecting the concrete mix that is to be used for the canoe and also doingmaterial research on the side. Their job is quite important as a bad batch of concrete will ruin the canoe. Various compression, tension, flexure tests are conducted to reduce the likelihood of failure. The canoe is not made up of entirely concrete however as various fibers (such as hemp rope or carbon fiber) must be used to improve the overall strength of it.

Structural Team

Structural Analysis and Design Team uses various modelling software and methods to design the canoe. They must consider overall length, weight, and how hydrodynamic the canoe will be. To get better data, 3d printing is used to make miniature canoes for testing. Aside from this, they are also responsible for making the canoe aesthetically pleasing and also helping out construction team with their projects by using software such as sketchup or inventor.

Paddling Team

Paddling team focuses on training for the regional/national races. They have a fitness day where they go to the ARC or CIRCE and do various excercises. They also have a rowing days (weather permitting) where they work on technique and do team bonding. The input taken from the other teams directly affects how paddling team plans their strategy and tactics.